Let’s see how we can easily create Compartment, Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) and Compute VM. All this will only take 15 minutes maximum 🙂 My VCN and Compute VM are in the same compartment (comp1). I also moved my ATPDB db to this new created compartment.

Identity -> Compartments -> Create Compartment:

Networking -> Virtual Cloud Netwrok -> Create a Virtual Cloud Network:

My VCN name is “vcn1”. I chose my “comp1” compartment. I have set a sample CIDR. I created subnets under the names subnet1 and subnet2 and selected default DHCP, route table and default security list.

Before creating the VM instance, we must create private and public ssh keys with the putty key generator. Because it will ask us for public key when creating VM instance.

For ssh key pair details click  Administering Oracle Database Classic Cloud Service

We can connect to our VM instance by choosing our public IP and private key with “opc” user from putty or any ssh client tools.

We can also use “Cloud Shell”: